The goal of Campaign On This is a simple one; empower people with knowledge through data. The volume of data created by governments and businesses is growing exponentially. Organizations struggle just to store it all, let alone make sense of it. By leveraging iseek, Campaign On This can help organizations and individuals consume, unify, and explore data to make smarter decisions.​​ By providing this data to the public we know we can empower more people to understand the issues which will improve lives and strengthen communities.

About Us

iseek, an Artificial Intelligence and cognitive computing cloud that allows Campaign On This to collect extensive amounts of data relative to the political spectrum. Many of these data repositories that are available online can be unified using iseek to perform better analysis.



Campaign On This is a data driven blog that is focused on political issues. We are more concerned with providing factual information then supporting a political party. Our mission is to present data from a neutral viewpoint that invites discussions and conversations about the facts. We ignore public opinion and give you the unbiased truth and data to keep you informed. We encourage you to join us in our mission and participate in our discussions so that your voice can be heard.