New Hope, PA – Campaign On This has recently acquired the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Public Data Application Programming Interface (API).  This API will give Campaign On This access to all economic data for every BLS program. All data sets will be updated in real time in conjunction with the BLS schedule.

By using iseek’s reporting module Supercruncher Campaign On This is capable of collecting vast amounts of raw data from the open government source the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With this data Campaign On This will be able to analyze new reports and cross reference existing data from separate topics to draw new conclusions without the need of a third party. By providing up to date information Campaign On This will continue to empower communities with unbiased truth.

iseek, an Artificial Intelligence that uses a cognitive computing cloud collects, consumes and unifies extensive amounts of data that develops better decision making. Many of these data repositories that are available online can be unified using iseek platform for better analysis. By connecting and identifying patterns in real-time, knowledge is kept up to date and current with new information.

Campaign On This is more concerned with providing factual information then supporting a political party. Their mission is to present data from a neutral viewpoint that invites discussions and conversations about the facts. They ignore public opinion and give the unbiased truth and data to keep the public informed.

You can find out more on their new website