New Hope, PA - Campaign On This announced that they will be launching their new website powered by iseek on DATE. This new website will help reach a new audience and keep current fans informed on some of politics most debated issues. The website features up to date data, data analysis, and blogs focused heavily on America’s political agenda.

Campaign On This, powered by iseek’s cognitive computing technology software, is capable of collecting extensive amounts of declassified raw data from government sources. Using this technology Campaign On This will be able to analyze and cross examine data sets to provide new information the public. By partnering with iseek, Campaign On This can help individuals consume, unify, and explore data in a new light to make smarter more informed decisions.​​ Providing this information to the public will empower more people to understand the issues which will improve lives and strengthen communities.

iseek, an Artificial Intelligence that uses a cognitive computing cloud collects, consumes and unifies extensive amounts of data that develops better decision making. Many of these data repositories that are available online can be unified using iseek platform for better analysis. By connecting and identifying patterns in real-time, knowledge is kept up to date and current with new information.

Campaign On This is a data driven blog that is more concerned with providing factual information then supporting a political party. Their mission is to present data from a neutral viewpoint that invites discussions and conversations about the facts. They ignore public opinion and give the unbiased truth and data to keep the public informed.

Find out more on their new website