Campaign On This already gave you the financial bios of Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul. Click on their names to check out their campaign finance information. The next nominee running in the Republican Primary that we will give a quick bio and campaign finance background on is Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida.

Rubio was elected to the United States Senate in 2010 when he ran against Governor Charlie Crist for Mel Martinez’s vacated Senate seat. Early in Rubio’s campaign, he trailed Crist by double digits. However, Rubio surpassed Crist in the polls, which forced Crist to abandon the Republican Party and run without a party affiliation. Rubio became the Republican nominee and ultimately beat out both Crist and the Democratic competitor, Kendrick Meek.

Rubio is one of three Senators with Latino heritage, along with Republican Ted Cruz of Texas and Democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey.  Rubio has been assigned to multiple committees, which include the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation; the Committee on Foreign Relations; the Select Committee on Intelligence; and the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Rubio is considered a strong candidate to run for the Republican Party nomination in the 2016 United States Presidential election.

Between 2011 and 2014, Rubio’s Campaign Committee raised $30,554,421 and spent a total of $27,215,966. His top five contributors were Club for Growth, Elliott Management, Senate Conservatives Fund, Goldman Sachs and the MCM Corporation. The top five industries that donated to his cause were Retirees, Securities and Investment, Republicans/Conservatives, Real Estate and Miscellaneous Finance. The breakdown of his fund sources consists of Individual Contributions (82%), PAC Contributions (7%) and Other (11%). Individual Contributions make up a large portion of these funds and are further broken down into two categories: Small Individual Contributions (34%) and Large Individual Contributions (49%). Rubio’s self-financing is listed at 0%, but as you can see from the charts below, $8,087 is categorized as self-funded. The charts below provide a closer look at these numbers:

Rubio Fund Raising

Rubio Contributors

Rubio Industries

Rubio Funds


Do any of these numbers surprise you? Do you have any questions about Rubio’s campaign finance data? How do you feel Marco Rubio’s numbers compare to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky? Does Rubio have a better chance at running for president since he has raised the most money?


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